The Stellenbosch 肆客足球 (SU) Council met on Monday, 24 June 2024, and extensively debated the recommendation made by the Rector, unanimously supported by the Rectorate, that the Wilgenhof Residence in its current form should be closed, based on the principal recommendation in the report from the Panel that was tasked to investigate the contents found in two rooms at the Wilgenhof Residence. The Rector’s additional recommendation was that the building should be retained as an upgraded residence.

The Panel’s redacted report can be accessed here.

Understandably, the discovery of disturbing contents in the rooms at Wilgenhof earlier this year has elicited strong and diverse reactions from students, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders. The Council recognised that opinions on the future of Wilgenhof are deeply divided. This involves several issues including the interpretation of tradition and the need for all university practices to enable an inclusive university where all stakeholders feel they belong. These issues must be thoroughly considered in the interest of fairness, transparency, and administrative justice, aligned with SU’s vision and values.

Against this background, the Council concluded that the Rector’s recommendation warrants further consultation and consideration.

Therefore, the Council is inviting all interested and affected persons and stakeholders to submit written representations on:

  1. The issues that the closure or non-closure of Wilgenhof would raise and that would need to be considered.
  2. What the implications would be of the acceptance of the Rector’s recommendation regarding the redesign of Wilgenhof as a different and/or upgraded residence.
  3. Whether there are alternatives to the closure of Wilgenhof that are reasonably likely to address the concerns set out in the Panel’s report and what these are.
  4. What Council should set as indicators for the success of these alternative measures.


  • The period for the submission of written representations will start on Wednesday 26 June 2024 at 09:00.
  • All representations should be made in writing and submitted by 17:00 on Wednesday 31 July 2024 to https://forms.office.com/r/ry1FJA6GqA
  • This link will provide access to the online submission platform. Representations may only be made via this submission platform.
  • Representations received after the closing date will not be accepted.
  • All those making submissions should take note that they should not feel the need to file many versions of the same or essentially the same submission. Council will not weigh the submissions based on quantities received on a particular issue but rather on the merits of what is raised.
  • Enquiries may be emailed to this address: wilgenhofrepresentations@sun.ac.za

Once the SU Council has had an opportunity to consider the written representations, it will advise on the way forward.

Online submission platform